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Rubber Boots


Rubber Boots

Hello Everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend! I’ve been re-organizing my closet and I am impressed of how many blue clothes I have! So I decided to play with blue tones today!  But no more blue shopping for me!


I am sure you have seen the new trend of rubber boots! They are everywhere! Who would’ve thought that squeaky rain boots would be the new trend!  And there are so many styles to choose from and so many ways to wear them, it’s crazy! From stylish boots to Polka dot ones, make sure you have some time when you go shopping for these!

Rubbet Boots

I found these gorgeous boots at Benetton store and I loved them :)  I can say I am happy it’s raining here in Honduras because I can take these bad girls for a waaalk! ( that’s an amazing shot I can’t stop staring at it while I am typing)

Rubber Boots

Try them with leggings, dresses, coats, jeans..agh, I could go on and on

They are just the right accessory to complete your outfit. I mean, just because it’s raining, we should not forget to look cute! ( I am not as serious as this picture)

Rubber Boots

This is more like me :)

So what type of rubber boots do you have?



Rubber Boots – Benetton

Dress: Bershka

Bag : Mexx

Sweater: Stradivarius

Office and Jeans

Vestirse formal todos los días puede llegar a ser bastante desafiante. Siempre existen esos días que solo quieres usar Jeans y a la misma vez no lucir informal, no romper ninguna regla de tu “dress code” ( si es para tu trabajo)  pero sentirte cómoda también.

Blazer Outfit

Este look es ideal para todas nosotras que nos gusta trabajar duro en forma cómoda!  Me a acompañado a tantos lugares e ocasiones. Desayunos, la oficina, transacciones al banco, hasta a una sesión de padres de familia!

Jeans outfit

4 ingredientes que puedes combinar y te aseguro que no vas a fallar: Escoge un Jeans obscuro, una pieza interesante ya sea en color, patron o brillo, un blazer , y un accesorio ( tacones! )

Jeans outfit

 Seamos sinceras chicas, mientras mas cómodas estemos, mas seguras nos sentimos. Que dicen? ;)

Jeans : Stradivarius | Tacones : Nine West

Bolsa: Zara | Blusa: Charly

Blazer : Zara | Bolsa : Zara