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Pants de Cintura Alta


high waist pants

I remember when low waist Jeans were the sensation and my beautiful mother would  constantly repeat  “Sweetheart,you should use high waist pants, low waist will create tummyrolls” ahh like any advice of a good mother, she  was right.

Como es que el estilo de antes es la nueva moda ahora. Recuerdo  cuando los Jeans de cintura baja eran la sensacion y mi hermosa madre me repetia ” deberias de usar de cintura alta, los de cintura baja te van a hacer rollitos” ahh… como todo consejo de una buena madre, tenia razon.

yellow pop

 But since I got my first high waist pants, this one is a keeper! They were a hit in the 80‘s, 90’s and had a pause (with that low waist whatever thing ) and now they are back!

I can only say: keep them coming!

Pero desde que tengo mis primeros pants de cintura alta, me han enamorado! Este estilo de “cintura alta” fueron el hit en los 80’s , 90’s y tuvieron una pausa por un tiempo (  con eso de el estilo de cintura Baja etc ) y ahora volvieron!

Solo puedo decir : sigan haciendo mas!

High waist pants

  High waist pants creates curves where none exist! Keeps everything in place! and fitted! (My favorite reason)  Enjoy a good meal without everything falling out-of-place. Forget of “not eating in the morning to make your body look “flat” technique . They will accentuate your waist! (wooo), say goodbye to putting hands on your back whenever you want to sit or pick up something on the floor (it happens to all of us) looks elegant  and it gives a retro-chic style.

pero porque volver a usar este estilo? Ja, pues aqui les va! La cintura alta crea curvas donde no existen! Mantiene todo en su lugar! y en forma! ( mi razon favorita ) no tienes que dejar de disfrutar una buena comida o no comer en la manana para que tu cuerpo se vea “plano”, te acentua la cintura! (wooo), dile adios a poner las manos atras cada vez que te quieras sentar o recoger algo en el piso ( a todas nos pasa) se ve elegante con un estilo retro-chic.

High waist pants

 So, why not try this trend?


Denim and Leather

Leather Pants have always been a scary outfit for many girls. (Including myself)

How you will look on them or how to combine them is always the question. Will they be uncomfortable? Will I look like I just came from a bike ride? What if I wear an orange blouse, will it look halloween-ish? I didn’t own the pants yet and I was already judging them.

But I made the decision of not letting another year pass without having leather pants in my collection.

Leather Pants

I found this ”Combined Faux Leggings” from Zara two weeks ago when they had this major mid year sale. I had all sort of clothes that I was ready to try, when on my way to the fitting room I ended up telling the lady “nah, I am not trying these on”


It was until I came out and I saw them hanging ready to be put back and thought ”It’s just one more piece to try”  Plus, my husband was not done trying his stuff on too – It was meant to be.


 “Why did It take so long for me to own these?!” I LOVE THEM! They are comfortable, a great color and they create a good-looking fitting in your thigh-booty area – Heya!

Leather Pants(oh yes, I am convincing you)

They look great with heels and flats.  Heels give them a sexy look  ( try with a satin or a body blouse) and flats are more of a relaxed look. Try to combine them with blue, beige, cream or white. Also BLACK.  Black on Black looks great!


The glossy look of the pants with a black matte blouse combination makes them look super rich.

Also, for a comfy look try an oversized beige cardigan! Perfect for Fall!
So from now on, don’t say you cannot knock it until you try it! – it’s just one more piece to try on ;)

Leather Pants


 Faux Leggings – ZARA | Cream Blazer – ZARA

Black Blouse – Bershka | Black Heels – Forever21

Light Grey Heels – NineWest | Cream Bag – MEXX

Sunglasses – Giorgio Armani | Cowboy shirt – Stradivarius

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