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Rubber Boots


Rubber Boots

Hello Everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend! I’ve been re-organizing my closet and I am impressed of how many blue clothes I have! So I decided to play with blue tones today!  But no more blue shopping for me!


I am sure you have seen the new trend of rubber boots! They are everywhere! Who would’ve thought that squeaky rain boots would be the new trend!  And there are so many styles to choose from and so many ways to wear them, it’s crazy! From stylish boots to Polka dot ones, make sure you have some time when you go shopping for these!

Rubbet Boots

I found these gorgeous boots at Benetton store and I loved them :)  I can say I am happy it’s raining here in Honduras because I can take these bad girls for a waaalk! ( that’s an amazing shot I can’t stop staring at it while I am typing)

Rubber Boots

Try them with leggings, dresses, coats, jeans..agh, I could go on and on

They are just the right accessory to complete your outfit. I mean, just because it’s raining, we should not forget to look cute! ( I am not as serious as this picture)

Rubber Boots

This is more like me :)

So what type of rubber boots do you have?



Rubber Boots – Benetton

Dress: Bershka

Bag : Mexx

Sweater: Stradivarius

Rainy day, A Touch of Floral



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Recently, I went back to my dear loved Guatemala city for a couple of days. The weather is so delicious during this months!

In one of the photo shoots I had during those days, the afternoon was cloudy and fog started to descend. Fortunately, we had a nice morning but we still had some outfits left to shoot.  On our way to the last spot, it started to rain…we thought that we would’nt be able to continue” or ” she won’t get her hair wet”

Well, NAH-AH!

For me, rain is just an opportunity to PLAY :)

Plus, it was the perfect way to describe this outfit! Who says you should not wear floral prints during rainy days?

Recientemente fui a mi querida Guatemala por unos días. El clima es tan delicioso en estos meses!

En una de las sesiones de fotos que tuve durante esos días, la tarde estaba nublada y la neblina empezaba a descender. Afortunadamente, nos hizo una linda mañana pero nos quedaban unos outfits mas que tomar. Ibamos al ultimo lugar para terminar la sesión cuando comenzó a llover. Creímos que ya no íbamos a poder continuar. Creo que todos pensaron ” no se va a mojar la ropa o el cabello”


Para mi, la lluvia es como darme una oportunidad de JUGAR :) Aparte que era el momento perfecto para poder mostrar de que se trata este outfit!

Quien dice que en días lluviosos no se pueden usar outfits florales?

Winter Outfit

Se nota lo feliz que estoy.. lo se. | You can totally tell how much I am enjoying that moment.

Winter OutfitLo unico que hay que tener en cuenta diría yo, es usar tonos mas obscuros con la pieza floral que escogas.

Mucha de la ropa floral es de base blanca o colores pastel que las hacen perfectas para climas tropicales o en verano. En este caso, llevo una pieza floral de base color negro que tiene unas rosas moradas y amarillas.

Although, choosing a floral piece for a rainy day can be tricky, just try to choose a floral print with a dark background.

Many of the “Floral Prints” have a pastel or white base color which makes them perfect for a tropical or sunny day. In this case, I am wearing a floral pants with a black background with some purple and yellow roses.

Winter Outfit

This Photo shoot was fun.

Tip: If you have a floral scarf, this would be great to use, cute touch :)

Yellow heels – ZARA

Purple Fluted Blouse – ZARA

Purple clutch bag – Calvin Klein ( gift from Lancome purchase)

Floral Pants – 18+