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Denim and Leather

Leather Pants have always been a scary outfit for many girls. (Including myself)

How you will look on them or how to combine them is always the question. Will they be uncomfortable? Will I look like I just came from a bike ride? What if I wear an orange blouse, will it look halloween-ish? I didn’t own the pants yet and I was already judging them.

But I made the decision of not letting another year pass without having leather pants in my collection.

Leather Pants

I found this ”Combined Faux Leggings” from Zara two weeks ago when they had this major mid year sale. I had all sort of clothes that I was ready to try, when on my way to the fitting room I ended up telling the lady “nah, I am not trying these on”


It was until I came out and I saw them hanging ready to be put back and thought ”It’s just one more piece to try”  Plus, my husband was not done trying his stuff on too – It was meant to be.


 “Why did It take so long for me to own these?!” I LOVE THEM! They are comfortable, a great color and they create a good-looking fitting in your thigh-booty area – Heya!

Leather Pants(oh yes, I am convincing you)

They look great with heels and flats.  Heels give them a sexy look  ( try with a satin or a body blouse) and flats are more of a relaxed look. Try to combine them with blue, beige, cream or white. Also BLACK.  Black on Black looks great!


The glossy look of the pants with a black matte blouse combination makes them look super rich.

Also, for a comfy look try an oversized beige cardigan! Perfect for Fall!
So from now on, don’t say you cannot knock it until you try it! – it’s just one more piece to try on ;)

Leather Pants


 Faux Leggings – ZARA | Cream Blazer – ZARA

Black Blouse – Bershka | Black Heels – Forever21

Light Grey Heels – NineWest | Cream Bag – MEXX

Sunglasses – Giorgio Armani | Cowboy shirt – Stradivarius

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